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Please Read Before Posting - Guidelines & Tips for using this forum

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edited March 10 in General Discussions Educational Website has been created <3 so that you can exchange ideas, converse and meet others who share a common interest.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep your posts relevant to the forum category.
  • Please be respectful of others and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Please do not post any personal information or photos that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the public.
  • Do not post hateful or illegal content. Do not post copyrighted material without proper attribution.
  • SPAM will not be tolerated.
  • Use private messages to chat with moderators or other members in private.

Here are some tips and tricks for using this forum:

  • Use the reactions: These let you share how you feel about other’s comments. The most liked content shows up on the Best Of page.
  • Mention others: Put an @ symbol before the username to mention someone. They’ll get notified when you do.
  • Update your notification preferences: You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from the Edit Profile page.
  • Send messages: You can private message members by going to your inbox, or visiting their profile page (click their username anywhere).
  • Check out the forum from your mobile phone: Just go to the forum URL in your browser - no need to download an app.
  • Check out what’s going on with other community members on the Activity page.

In summary: be polite, educate yourself, and help to build a great website.

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