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Scientific ගේම් එකක් - A game for learning and contribute to important scientific researches

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The Science Behind Foldit

Foldit is a revolutionary crowdsourcing computer game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research. This page describes the science behind Foldit and how your playing can help.

The first time you play Foldit, the game starts in the first Intro Puzzle, "One Small Clash".

The Intro Puzzles show what a protein looks like, and how you can use the tools in Foldit to fix common problems. Most of the intro puzzles can be completed quickly, and none of them should take more than a few minutes.

You can also get help through in-game chat. You'll probably see "Chat - Global" in the lower right corner of the Foldit window. You can expand the chat area by clicking on the triangle icon, allowing you to ask questions. Other players or Foldit's volunteer moderators may be able to help. (Some school groups may see only "Chat - Group", where you can get assistance from your classmates and instructors.)

There are a total of 31 intro puzzles arranged in 8 levels. Once you complete one level, the next level becomes available. You're not required to complete all the intro puzzles before starting the regular puzzles, but finishing the first five levels is highly recommended.

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