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What is Docker?

I hope there's a less count of members in this group who use operating systems like Linux and Debian in your own personal machines. For them, this won't be a big issue. I sense there's a problem most of you all face like, why the web site or software created by you doesn't work for every OS? For that instance, "Docker" will be a better solution to have.

Actually, this "Docker" means the visualization of the operating systems. It performs the same as the JVM. As the JVM is compatible with Java, if you have developed an application based on Docker, your web application or swing application can be made to work on any operating system without any issues.

It isn't possible to describe to you all what is "Docker" from a single post. Therefore only I have dropped a startup here. If anyone who likes to gain more knowledge on this stuff just leaves a comment below and I'll assist you. The ones who keen on this section search this link and have self-study and then let's talk more.

Oh, I've missed to say that "Kubernetes" is the one that need to learn right after Docker and let's talk about that later. First have a look on this. To study and gain more knowledge I've mentioned a link below. Thank you.


Nipuna Akalana Perera (MSc.IT, BSc.SE, OCPJP)

Co-Founder & Software Engineer (Ifonix Innovations (Pvt) Ltd)

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